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Taija Rae Biography Photo Taija Rae Biography
Born: 5/17/1962
Aliases: Taja Ray, Tajia Rae, Taija Ray, Taja Rea, Tasia Rae, Sizzling Hot

Country of Origin: United States United States
Province / State: PA - Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 166 cm - 5 feet and 5 inches
Weight: 59 kg - 130 lbs
Measurements: 38D-24-37
Career Status: Retired
Career Start And End 1983 - 1993 (10 Years In The Business)
Shoe Size: 7

Taija Rae (born in 1962) was an American adult film actress who became popular in the late 1980s for her natural appeal and voluptuous figure. She is sometimes credited as Tanja Rae or Taja Rea .

Her name is pronounced Tay-zha. She lifted it from an Asian cocktail waitress she worked with in the days before becoming lodged in the pink firmament of porn stardom. Rae she swiped from King Kong's original love interest, Fay Wray, then changed the spelling because she doesn't like names that end in y. The exotic-sounding name is the only thing that's phony about this remarkable, down-to-earth sex goddess, who—with Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn and Amber Lynn — completes porn's big four.

Taija came out of Philadelphia, PA and worked a stint at an in call house before entering the adult film industry in 1983, after being discovered by a fledgling Philadelphia talent firm, Lynx Management. After a test photo shoot in New York City, Taija quickly made the rounds of the New York adult industry and kept busy in film & print, working with directors such as Henri Pachard, Chuck Vincent and Dave Darby. Taija wrote columns for and appeared in east coast magazines including Cinema Blue while maintaining her home in Pennsylvania, until moving to Los Angeles in 1988. She left the adult film business in 1990. After a return stint in prostitution, Rae was last seen working as a hostess at a Las Vegas restaurant.
Taija Rae has one of the ten most mispronounced names of all time in porn, according to Jim Holliday and Bill Caits. Pronounce the first name TAY-zhuh.

Cecil Howard directed Taija Rae in Star Angel. While he shot reverse angles of her, two shots, single shots, close ups, she turned to Howard's cameraman and said, 'What's wrong with him? Does he think he's making a real movie?' The crew laughed. (Wizard of X, p. 106)

Taija had a full round figure with large hips.

By Fans:

Those Tits! Those lips! That so-fine face! Taija Rae is a superstar - for a lot of good reasons.
A true temptress, Taija Rae has earned with ease a place in porn's pulsating Hall Of Fame.

Porn star Taija Rae is an erotic actress who truly could pass as the girlnext door.
That's because she had anything but typical porn starlet looks.Taija Rae had a fuller,
rounder figure than most of her 80's contemporaries,with wide hips and huge natural breasts.
With a face that radiated sweetness and wholesome good humor, she came across more like a
kindly school teacher than the lusty porn veteran. Taija's appeal can be traced
to her uninhibited way with a sex scene. Once Taija gets going,she exudes intense erotic
heat and displays a tirelessness and enthusiasm that belied her outward appearance. Her
innocent demeanor turned into a lusty ardor when paired with men or women, and it's just
this unexpected wholesomeness that made her down-and-dirty sexual antics all the more
exciting to watch!

From Frank:
Throughout most of the 1980s this luscious, New York-accented, sexy "girl next door" was a porn fan favorite. Unlike the typical porn queen, Taija was neither svelte nor surgically enhanced; she had a "this is pretty much the way I am" look that appealed to men and didn't threaten women. She seemed approachable, the kind of girl you could meet in a club and offer to buy a drink without getting laughed out of the place. She was a very good actress and an exceptional performer. About halfway through her career, however, she changed her look. She went from being a brunette who carried a few extra pounds to being a thin blonde, but she always gave energetic, enthusiastic performances no matter what her look. She left the business unexpectedly, and although there were rumors of a comeback in the mid-'90s, it never happened--definitely a loss for porn fans.

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